Fairly Vicious

I learned two things last night. If you shine a little laser all around the backyard you can get the dog to run after it for a really long time at full speed. Secondly if you run around the house for the last hour before bed time you can get the kid to follow you and he’ll go to bed WAY easier than ever!

As I’ve probably mentioned a few times Zane has really blossomed lately with his talking. He has been making longer and longer sentences all by himself that aren’t merely parroting what we are saying. He’s regularly making sentences with up to four or five words. Meanwhile, in his little iPhone game “Monkey Lunchbox” he’s now able to play the memory game (matching items hiding under boxes) quite quickly and put together the little puzzles.

This morning while I was cooking him breakfast he got out of bed and started reading some of the books on the floor from last night. At first I wasn’t really paying attention, just listening to him talk on the monitor in the background, but then I realized that he was reading the book out loud. Did he really read it? No idea, but when he got to the end he either remembered or read the last page, which said “good night baby donald.”