Eye Spy

Eye Spy

Mr. Baby Zane has sort of woken up this week. Not that he was sleeping all of the time before, but as of this week he’s spending a lot of time awake looking around, wiggling his appendages, and “talking” to whomever will listen. I’m putting it down as a coincidence that some of his calls sound like the cat.

I’d hate for his first word to be “Meow” or “Kitty.”

I picked up a new scale, which is not only accurate compared to our last one, but also features five memory slots. Zane has his own slot, the most recent reading being 10.2 pounds. This is somewhat confirmed by the outfits that no longer fit him. Another few pounds and he’ll graduate to “medium” diapers.

And, hope beyond hope, but he slept three and a half hours straight last night! This was after I spent a good three hours playing with him and carting him around the house. We walked around the yard, paid Zeke a visit, found a frog at the pond and then uncovered a whole pile of baby toads. We started to water the miniscule garden I’ve put in: Zane on left arm, water hose in right hand. A deer fly started biting my right hand, which is hard to shoo away with a baby in the other hand so I blew it off and it circled both Zane and I. Meanwhile I’m trying to change the setting on the hose nozzle and in the process of doing so one-handed I shot Zane with a blast of cold water.

Needless to say he didn’t cheer happily and ask for more.