Thank You For Flying United

How's my hat?

Sir Fuzziness just before bedtime last night, photo taken by Faith. While he took apart the toy tower his dad was either putting it back together of putting the soft tower discs on his head. Zane would reach up to brush away the impromptu hat, but just as often he’d grab the disc and try to put it back on his head.

I foresee a bright future or perhaps in aviation.

With the top tooth coming in Zane’s schedule is all out of whack and he’s rarely sleeping through the whole night. Either he’ll wake up a couple hours after being put to bed (preferred) or sometime in the wee hours of the morning (“he’s YOUR baby”, “No, YOUR baby!”). For a few days he was getting up just after I left for work, around 5-5:30 in the morning (yeah, don’t ask), which wasn’t fair to Faith at all. Yesterday I got him up and fed him at 5:30, thinking he and Faith could then sleep in late, but that ended up being the day Faith decided to start getting up earlier.

smiling while cruising