Everything is a Toy

We finally got the battery powered bubble gun working (it had a design flaw) and a nice day to play with it. Good grief does this thing crank out bubbles! Thousands of them with just a squeeze of a trigger. It was really windy out and they got whipped around and sent all over the yard, some caught on rising currents, going over the trees and even across the road to the neighbors house. Resilient little things.

Our new(ish) front door has sections of bevelled glass that fills the stairwell with rainbows at a certain time of day. Zane called me to come look and we tried to “catch” them on our faces.

Picking something up at *mart after Saturday’s dump run Zane needed me to “follow me, okay?” as he explored the toy aisles. At one point he grabbed two things, went down the aisle and set a green one on the floor and then backed up before launching the other one towards it. Angry birds played out with plush dolls in the store aisle. Pretty creative.