Evening at the Park

Oddly I didn’t get any photos, just movies, from our trip to the park last night. He’s feeling much better and is now once again able to walk across the “toadstools” without help. Wednesday night he couldn’t quite bring himself to do it. In the field next to the park there were adults going through some kind of training/exercise “camp” where coaches were taking them to different stations where’d they do push ups, crab walk, jump up and clap and so on. Zane was pointing and saying, “want to do this?” (btw, whenever I quote him saying something you should assume he really said it 2-4 times). I told him he could do it right where he was at, but he couldn’t play next to them. So for the next few minutes this little smiley guy was trying to mimic everyone has they tried to be serious and exercise.

Before bed we had a snack and watched some youtube lightning movies. First we started with Google’s speed test which after viewing you can see how it would be a hit. Then we watched some lightning and high voltage clips. After that it was off to bed: new diaper, teeth brushed, PJs, a couple of books, and then lights off. As we sat there in the dark I tried to toss a blanket on him, but he’s the anti-blanket kid and wouldn’t have anything to do with it. As luck would have it the nylon blanket gave off little sparks after being rubbed on Zane’s pajamas. That was good for a couple more minutes of fun before I kissed him goodnight (“no kisses!”) gave him a hug (“no hug!”) and said goodnight. Lest you think he’s ungrateful he did say “thank you daddy” when I asked him about his dad taking him to the park.