Endless Rabbit

Hey, what's in here...

I took Zane to Guppies again yesterday. Lots of fun until towards the end when he starts getting cold and then there’s the looooong trip into the cold locker room and it seems like he’ll never be warm again. After which he zonked right out.

He kicks his legs a bit when I’m motor-boating him through the water. From time to time he puts his face into the water, gets a mouth-ful, and is a little unhappy about that. None of the babies, some up to a couple years old, are putting their faces in or underwater. I should ask about that, “Hey, when do we get to practice baby album art?"

He then went to the mommy get-together last night with Faith so I didn’t get any new photos. But, since my sis threatens me any time I lapse on posting a new photo, here’s a composite movie from this morning’s webcam.

Endless Rabbit