Endless Fun

Sand is an almost endless entertainment source, in fact he often is unable to walk across the sand without collapsing into it and starting to dig. We played in the dry sand, the wet sand, with shells, with water, with buckets and shovels and anything else. A little wading in the water, but it’s a on the chilly side so we prefer to hit the hotel’s heated pool after exhausting the rest of the beach.

Then there’s the bouncy house. He’s been wanting to do this for DAYS and finally yesterday afternoon it was setup and he wasn’t doing something else. Ten bucks to play in the bouncy house and bouncy slide as long as you want. I figured a half hour or forty minutes, Faith said two hours. Mommy knows best.

This monstrosity was in the process of being setup. It’s a water slide and costs $25 for all you want sliding.