Endless Energy

At one point he was trying on snow goggles and a bike helmet, asking me all the while for a bicycle.

Last night we got out the blocks and were making structures. Well, mostly I was making structures and Zane would knock them over. Finally I got tired of that game and started stuffing blocks down his pants and shirt and socks. He thought that was pretty fun and began marching around the house with his “blocky” legs.

Nap times are really hit and miss these days. Your best bet is to have him fall asleep on the way home and gently slip him into his bed. Otherwise he alternates between laying down and faking sleep (complete with snores) and tearing the room completely apart. We’re about ready to remove all of the furniture and maybe pad the walls.

As I am typing this we’re in the family room and he’s got his pooping expression. “Do you want to sit on the potty?” I ask. “No potty!” he insists. Everything I suggests he says no to while trying to maintain his focus. He’s been peeing on the potty a couple times a day, but to date he won’t even go near a potty for poops.

Yesterday we went for a long walk. It was pretty cold and Zane was bundled up well (after much Daddy wrestling) and yet he still managed to slip out of his gloves a few times. I’m thinking someone should invent spray on or dip on kid gloves: they’d have space-age insulation but most importantly they only come off when the parents want them off. His favorite part of the walk was veering off into the ditch and sinking into the deep snow. Most of the time he got out himself, but on occasion he’d call out, “A little help?”