Emergency Room Visit

First emergency room visit for Zane yesterday afternoon.

He took a spill off the monkey bars onto his butt/back and had some back pain. Faith talked to an on-call nurse and we had him resting with an ice pack. He was doing better, but then complained of head pain and shortly after threw up. As we tried to figure out what to do next he threw up a short while later and we headed to the emergency room. He did it again while the nurse was checking his stats. Doctor checked him out and he perked right up, feeling better and conversing with the guy. He thought everything looked good, but wanted a urine sample to make sure a kidney hadn’t been bruised. Well, that didn’t go over very well, Zane was sleepy and didn’t want to go potty. After a few attempts he threw up again. So we gave it a rest and he promptly fell sound asleep on my shoulder.

Forty minutes later we woke him for another try but he was having none of it … waking from deep slumber is never easy. Long walks through the empty hospital and even outside with sips of juice didn’t help. The next doctor checked him over and only the last thing, standing with hands out and eyes closed to check balance, Zane wouldn’t do. So back into the room for some more juice. He finally asked if we can go home and I explained that we could once he peed, that the doctor has checked everything he could and the one thing he needed to make sure was that nothing inside had been hurt. I asked if he’d like to try again (we’d been there around 2.5 hours by now) and he said yes.

It worked. The nurses all cheered for him and he got a big smile on his face. The doc came by again and Zane did the balance thing (after trying to explain some iPhone game to the doc) just fine. The results came back and we were told we could go home, but that we should wake him up every three hours to ensure that he is doing OK and there’s no bleeding in his brain and reduced function. So Zane and I slept in the guest bed after he chatted for the longest time about things. Faith helped wakes us after three hours (not easy for either of us), then I got him up at 3 this morning. I knew he was ok when he started chatting about random things and then suggested that maybe we should play one ipod game before going back to sleep.

He’s getting some well deserved sleep right now as I write this. Don’t know what exactly transpired yesterday and if it was related to the fall, the trauma, or something else, but that was more than enough excitement for a Sunday.