El Hoppity Hopper

Yesterday was Crazed Kids Day. Everyone was to wear halloween costumes to pre-school so that of course meant that Zane didn’t want to have anything to do with it. Yes, even though his costume (thanks Aunt Laura) was CURIOUS GEORGE he wouldn’t put it on.


Later the ladies at the school managed to talk him into wearing the outfit and Faith slipped the monkey “hat” onto him as he left pre-school. No pictures though. Apparently ALL of the kids at pre-school put on the same stubborn act and had a stubborn kid day. I can vouch that Zane was a bit of a pill in the evening too. He wouldn’t eat, decided it would be very funny to whack spoons of soup and turned the end of the meal into a raspberry/spitting fest. I told him to stop it or he’d have a timeout, which meant he did it more, so he and his chair got put into a corner where he proceeded to do non-stop raspberry spitting things while his mom laughed so much I had to kick her out of the room.

Obviously none of us get this time-out thing.

We had fun once we gave up on the idea of him eating the last carrot and stopping the raspberry works. At one point he was hopping all over the kitchen in a kind of dance/jump/hop thing I’d never seen him do before. I didn’t remember to film it until he was almost done. Here’s a little dancing movie. Later, I drew a big bath for him with bubble bath, which we haven’t done in a while. He thought it was great and the cups suddenly became brand new toys for conducting chemistry experiments. Here’s a long bath movie with cup chemistry and bubble beards galore. If you listen close you can hear him trying to breath through a boogery nose.

BTW, if you really want to see the monkey outfit then here it is on our TWO monkeys. Anything beyond that will have to wait for halloween this weekend.