Zane likes pizza, or rather, he likes peat-zeee. There’s a few other words he’ll put a long E on the end of, our favorite one so far is when he says “no-eeee.” It’s like his sing-songy version of NO or perhaps similar to his “no please” response. I think he’s also said “bye-eee” sort of like our own little Bugs Bunny.

All three of us went to the free concert in the park last night. One of Zane’s friends was there so we hung out with them most of the evening. At one point she said, “hugs!” and tried to hug Zane, who deftly sidestepped the hug and walked away. I’ve seen him do this with a bunch of other kids, he’s just not the hugging type (Faith says he gets it from me). On the other hand he has no qualms about going up to complete strangers and stealing their popcorn, riding their tricycle, or climbing all over their chairs.