Easter Egg Hunt

Jonah’s mom Audrey put together a great Easter Egg Hunt and party yesterday. Over a half dozen babies and their parents showed up and scoured the country-side for eggs. Then there was a lot of swinging and sliding and spinning on the playground equipment, lunch, and of course all the kids got to play with Jonah’s toys!

Being his first easter egg hunt Zane did surprisingly well in finding eggs. In fact I had to re-hide some of them for other kids to find after he went over his quota. Another interesting development came after I showed him how to climb the ladder on the slide tower. As you can see in the background of the photo below the ladder is made of wooden rungs and goes straight up. I helped him with hand and foot placement once and then the next time he started up the ladder all by himself. Quick study!

Here’s a short video of the boys romping around in the slide “tower.”