Ears Full of Tears

Big Blue Eye October 2007

Last night Zane was waffling between falling asleep and wanting to be held forever. Put down in the crib he seemed to be finally going to sleep, so I left. Soon the baby monitor resounded with anguished cries. Luckily the bottle he’d been rejecting made it all better.

While he was slurping milke I noticed his left ear was full of tears. Saddest thing you ever saw. Surely there’s a song, poem, or detective novel that can use the line, “His ears were full of tears”?

From this weekend comes a little movie of Zane’s bathtime. For modesty’s sake we don’t show the wildly kicking legs. As usual the second the camera comes out he is way more interested in it and clams up/calms down.

Tub Time the Movie