Dueling Readers

A few Zane updates. These days we are barely using even a single diaper. At night we’ll usually put him in one, but about half of the time he wakes up with a dry diaper. He really likes sitting on the potty these days, whether it’s for the chance at a poop-truck or to play with the iPad, he’s all for it. In fact sometimes it’s a bit tough to get him off. The other day he sat down, had a big #2, got a new poop-truck (actually a poop-car), and before I could get his pants pulled back up he was telling me he needed to sit on the potty and get another poop-truck. One day I was reading a book to him about baby Ernie (Sesame Street) getting a potty and learning to go bathroom on it. At the part of the book where Ernie went to the bathroom on his potty Zane chimed in with “Ernie gets a poop-truck!”

He’s also getting a little bit better about feeding himself, but it’s still a challenge.

Last night he and Faith went to the playground and apparently Zane went a little crazy with the bark mulch, filling his scalp, shorts, and shoes with it. I had him on the toilet before giving him a shower and noticed that he had huge chunks of bark mulch in his eye! Kids may trust their parents about a lot of things, but poking around their eye isn’t one of them no matter what the benefit.

I got a call from them this morning and it turns out when Faith went in to get him out of bed the first thing he said is “backup beeping noise.” That of course meant heavy equipment, and indeed they are grading the scenic dirt road by our house. Being the world’s best mommy she even took him over to see the excitement and climb into a dump truck BEFORE breakfast!