Zane showing off the very latest in baby hair replacement technology. I suppose this would be how he’d look if he starred in Cats, played Simba in Lion King, or took a time machine back to the 80’s. Although I suppose none of them have prune smeared on their clothing.

We were playing in the family room yesterday morning: with Zane sitting up and then Zane falling over and then Zane crawling a bit and then Zane going to sleep and then Dad thinking that’s a good idea and then Mom sneaking in with the camera. Zane woke up refreshed and sporting a new ‘do, while Dad ended up groggy and ready for a real nap.

I watched Faith feed Zane last night and am amazed how how easy she makes it look. If I had to be forced fed peas, I’d hope it be done by her. Zane’s got the best Mom!

Hope y’all have a swell New Year’s Eve. Looks like we are getting another 6-10” of snow, with more on the way tomorrow. That’s great, Zane’s snow sled run was all iced over.

See you in 2008!

Nap time