Downward Facing Dog

Although I don’t think most Yoga practitioners perform downward facing dog on an inclined plane.

Zane is full of all kinds of surprises these days. When we read to him we spend as much time identifying things as reading the book. We’ll point to something and ask what it is or, more often, ask him to point out a specific object. For example we read a book last night and on a page full of animals and people and shapes I asked him where the rocket was. It took about half a minute as he scanned the left page and then moved over to scan the right page, his finger hovering in the air ready to point, as he evaluated the twenty or more objects. He correctly identified the yellow rocket and went on to point out the “moon” right next to it. It’s surprising how many objects he knows already.

Last week I was reading a book about trains (surprise!) and one of the trains had the number 7 on the side. Not thinking he’d know, I asked “where’s the number seven?” Within a few seconds he pointed to the #7 emblem on the side of the train. “Wow, how’d you do that?”

Wednesday night we were reading Curious George and Zane pointed to the page and said, “The end.” On the page was a picture of a TV George had been watching with the closing screen of a movie and the words The End. Ah, Faith must have taught him that, I thought, but she says she didn’t. Dunno if that counts as reading but it’s a pretty good trick!

This morning he woke up (in RCB!) and rolled around for a while, making chirping noises and talking about something. Eventually he got out of bed, walked across room to the door (stopping to put some laundry in the basket), did a quick downward facing dog (?!) and then went to door and knocked on it. A few seconds later his mom came in and the day was started.