Doo, doo, doo, lookin' out my back door

Looking out Family room window

We went to another baby party this weekend. Six babies: the oldest at 14 months, a 1 year old, along with the usual suspects. Lots of fun comparing teeth, hair, and crawling styles. There was another party we wanted to attend that evening but skipped it due to weather.

It was a snowy weekend, snowing most of Saturday afternoon and evening and then picking up the pace a bit late Sunday morning. I took Zane outside and he grabbed a handful of snow. He kind of paused, staring at his chubby mitts cooling under the fluffy white flakes. We then retreated back to the warmth on the other side of the glass door where he gawked at the snow storm.

Sitting at the piano yesterday afternoon with Zane on my lap, Faith called out from the other room and I yelled back in response. Baby doesn’t like that at all, no siree. Loud noises and voices, especially dad’s, makes him really sad. Later, when all was calmer, Faith gave him a little piano lesson and he sat in while she played a few songs. We didn’t want him to associate the loud noise/crying with the piano and he seemed to enjoy it just fine (he’s an improviser with a light touch).

At Family Room Window