Dog in Train-ing

We’ve been looking around for a puppy lately and yesterday we brought this little fella home. His name is Samson/Raz/Blue/Taz/Grey/Beans/Truck/Buckey/Buck and so forth. We’ll probably go with Raz but it’s still under negotiation.

Zane thinks the dog is very funny. We went for a short walk, with Zane in the stroller, and he was babbling the alphabet and giggling at the dog the whole time. By the way, the alphabet wasn’t really part of the walk or dog, he seems to have a pretty steady alphabet monologue going these days wherever we are. Zane’s also decided that a dog’s life is for him. He’s started chewing on the puppy’s Kong and after the dog finished drinking water Zane crawled over on hands and knees to attempt the same.

Wish us luck!