Dog Days of July

That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling by mid-afternoon. We’ve been leaving the door open so as to share Zane’s AC with the rest of the upstairs, which also makes it easier to take sleeping photos (and you know how I like those!). When he woke up there was a GREAT surprise! My friend Brian had brought over a 30 or 40 foot delivery truck with a load of pellets inside (4 tons for us and another 6 tons for others). The truck was souped up with flames on the cab, straight pipe exhaust, and about as shiny and huge and awesome as any three year old could dream of waking up to.

Zane wanted to chase it down the road.

The other vehicle news regards the Truck Spoon and Fork Spoon Zane and his mommy bought yesterday. And, no, that’s not a typo. Apparently “spoon” is a key element to both of them in the world of Z. They have the added benefit that when set on the table the fork tines and spoon parts actually hover above the surface. Zane is quite enamored with both. On the flipside of the handle you’ll find the company name, “constructive eating.”