It’s kind of hard keeping up with Zane these days, both physically and mentally. He is interested in EVERYTHING and is like a sponge soaking up new things. Last night he and Faith were heading to the store to buy him a train set that he’s been coveting for months. He earned the train set by doing a good job with “big boy eating.” So he and Faith headed out with a stop at the pet store along the way to pick up dog food. “Do not buy a kitty!” I yelled down to Faith before they go out the downstairs door. She laughed. A minute later Zane walked up the stairs and approached me with a very serious look on his face. “I will go buy kitty!”

Lately when he’s done eating I’ll offer to eat that last piece of pizza or whatever is on his plate. “No! Put it away for later!” he urges, not wanting his dad to get any of it.

Two days ago he recited the entire alphabet. We had a little game where he’d stand on my feet and I’d bounce him with each letter and at ‘Z’ he’d get a super-crazy bounce. He did a really great job but it’s kind of hard to keep up in the middle since lmnop come out sounding like one letter. He’s pretty musical these days as well. He’ll often pick up the ukelele and walk around strumming and singing. If you read about a boat he’s likely to start singing row row your boat. And, as you can see below, he tends to play with all of the musical gear when he comes to the office for a visit.