Dinner Photos

Ok, so maybe a lot of my photos these days are taken while feeding Zane. There’s a few reasons: he’s a captive target, I remember to take pictures, and I gotta do something while waiting for him to finish eating. I use my computer sometimes but then he just wants to watch truck videos (there are a LOT of those).

Of course me making faces is another option which is used way to often and probably interferes with getting food into him more than it helps.

Last night I made lentil rice soup, swiss chard w/bacon, salmon, and corn bread. Zane pigged out on two things: salmon skin and cornbread. Have I mentioned that he LIKES cod liver oil? Yeah. Which means something like salmon skin probably doesn’t taste fishy at all. He wasn’t very positive about the chard, probably because it has a strong beet-like flavor but he had a fair bit of the soup.. The cornbread he kept calling cake and I didn’t correct him.

Despite being full from dinner, both he and his Grandma had enough room to snarf down lemon sorbet. Zane likes it but remembers a few ice cream headaches he’s had while eating it and braces himself with each bite, his right fist all bunched up.