Dentist Checkup

Daddy went first and then it was Zane’s turn. He may not remember the dental tech’s name (he asked her 5 or 6 times) but he remembers EXACT details about the last visit and what he did or didn’t like. What a chatterbox, he quizzed everyone about their name and spelled his for them. He also sat out in the waiting room during my appt and sang a song that consisted of spelling his name.

Doesn’t really like the water squirt/vacuum combo. Finally we talked him into doing it once, and he reinforced with a, “ONLY one time, alright?”

The dentist came in to check his teeth out. While trying to look at his bite he said, “Bite down like you are eating something. What do you like to eat Zane?”

Zane, without any hesitation, answered, “I don’t like Tofu.” Short pause, they laughed, before continuing, “That’s because I like flavor!”