Deep Thought


Most mornings when Zane wakes up we turn on the music in his room, Faith tosses in a couple of books, and she goes off to wake herself up while he reads. It’s been fun to watch Zane “reading” over time. It used to be that you couldn’t read a book like Harold and the Purple Crayon with him because there were too many words and not enough page turning. He’d reach over and try to force you to turn the pages more. So we read cardboard books, ones that he could help turn the pages, and didn’t really focus much on the words, just flashes of color and turning of pages. In fact giving him a thin paper book risked the chance that he’d find more pleasure in tearing the pages than in reading them.

Then he started studying the pages, focusing on a ball or a dog or a truck, and might not want you to ever turn the page, flipping it back if you tried. You could see him in the crib flipping between two pages, trying to scry the deep meanings within. Didn’t really matter if the book was upside down or not, he was studying.

Nowadays he even seems to be making an attempt at reading instead of simply browsing images. Or maybe that’s just projection on my part. Still, I was pleasantly surprised to catch him on camera yesterday reading Harold and the Purple Crayon. The movie is speeded up a bit. See if you can catch the part when he finds something funny in the book.