Deceptively Calm

The two “storms” that are usually usually brewing or being unleashed in the house. I was cooking and Raz was snuffling around so I told him to get out of the kitchen and to sit, which after a couple times he did. Zane was messing around the kitchen so I asked him to get out and when he actually did I told him to sit. Good boys … for a few seconds.

Most nights these days are capped off by screaming/squealing and running around. Zane likes to run away making lots of noise and then hide in his room, only to scream again when he peeks out and sees someone waiting (or even when there’s no one there). It was getting piercing last night so I told him we needed to use our quiet screams. Believe it or not he went running around the house saying “ahhhhh ahhhh” slightly above a whisper.