Day at the Beach!

Ok, well, technically it wasn’t a beach, or the ocean, or even very far from home. But it was a nice little sandy shore on a local pond and worries of sharks, killer whales, or toe nibbling crabs never crossed our mind. It was our anniversary and we had many grand plans for camping in the woods, driving to the ocean, and so forth. But in the end we did lots of yard and garden work, had a couple really nice barbecues, and limited our beach activity to the Zane-sized Storrs pond (which we had all to ourselves).

Despite the water being on the chilly side Zane had fun. Some of the fun was NOT sanctioned by either of his parents. Rock eating, for example, is highly frowned upon. You’d probably do so too, especially after being treated to the sickening grinding noise his teeth make. *shudder*

I smoked a pork roast, corn on the cob, and veggies for the evening’s meal. Notes from the meal.

  • Faith fed him and he didn’t lose his mind! In fact he ate everything.
  • Zane ate a lot of meat and he loved the spicy mustard barbeque sauce I made
  • He ate corn on the cob. Not only that but when he and his mom’s cob was empty he demanded mine. In the future I’ll buy three of them.