Danger Boy with Quadro

Thursday night we ran across Cliff, a fellow Faith and I have worked with, and he said that we should stop by and pick up an old “toy” from when his song was younger. The toy is called Quadro and it’s a construction set like no other I’ve seen. Zane had some fun playing with the pieces and crawling around. I had a total blast, barely remembering to put him to bed. The picture above is an in-progress build, it now has safety panels around the top railing, a slide halfway up, and a little step assembly to help him climb up. Before I made the little step he was just using the slide to climb, so it’s a bit redundant.

And what did DB (danger boy) say all of the time he was climbing and sliding and exploring? “Higher. Higher. Higher.”

As it is he’s almost high enough to re-spackle the family room ceiling. We’re going to need more tubes!

The photos below are the two sleep phases for Zane now. He’s a lot harder to put down for a nap these days and it often just turns into a couple hour quiet time. But he never sleeps on his bed for naps: no, it’s either the floor (with or without blanket) or the little futon. As for going to sleep at night we’ve finally resorted to turning off all of his lights. We used to keep a little 14watt bulb on so he had a little light and we could see him with the camera. After he realized that, “hey, I can get out of bed and read!” we weaned him off of the light. Interestingly he now goes straight to bed, no crying or fussing unless something is really wrong. I’ll read a few books, he’ll say “more book” and I’ll say “nope, time to dance and then to sleep.” After turning off all of the lights (except a small nightlight), he’ll snuggle into my shoulder, we’ll rock/dance for a couple minutes and then he’s put into bed, immediately snuggles in, and I leave. How nice is that?

Here’s a movie of this week in review.