Danger Baby

Multi-purpose Slide

Zane’s collection of scrapes and bruises apparently isn’t enough so he’s been diving off of couches, bonking into things, and transitioning from cruising to crawling the hard way. Last night he was cruising under a table and I heard a large bonk. Rather than go around the legs he crawled/flipped over the cross-brace, landing on his head. Totally unfazed.

Then, while cruising the room perimeter, he decided to crawl onto his walker. Was he trying to get in? Stand on top? Use it as a ladder to scale the child gate?

Crawling up onto walker

I’m not sure what his plans are for the ramp, but he was intent on getting it setup just so. For all we know he’s preparing to jump the couch with his plastic car.

By the way, the red outfit is his pajamas and these photos were taken as he was winding down for the night. For contrast here’s what he was doing one year ago.

Setting up ramps