Dad Cuts Hair and RCB

Uh, no, really he doesn’t seem to mind the haircut at all!

I’ve made a few feeble attempts at cutting his hair, mostly the bangs, for the past couple of months with no luck. Somehow Zane equates hair snipping to being even worse than nail cutting and something to be fought off with all his power. But the bangs have been getting really long and I figured I’d find the “official” hair cutting scissors instead of the bulky paper scissors and give it another try. This turned out to be a good decision as the hair cutting kit (electric shears) has many wondrous and magical things for a two year old. While we both sat on the bathroom floor and Zane looked down at his new “toys” I snuck in snips at his hair, which goes a long ways towards explaining the results. I barely got the bangs done before he figured out what was going on and put a stop to it. The sides and back will have to wait.

He eventually forgave me…

Now on to a more important topic: Race Car Bed. We tried a month or so back and it was just too much, too soon. The room was a bit cramp for both beds and being he’d never seen the race car bed ever before and suddenly here it is in his room, during nap time! Well, there wasn’t any napping to be had. As shown in the previous video Faith has been working on getting him to nap on a small mattress on the floor. Meanwhile the Race Car Bed has been sitting in the family room, becoming familiar, and basically being ignored. Yesterday was my day to put him to bed for a nap and being that I’d spent previous evenings with online tools, optimizing room layouts and trying different configurations I felt ready to try again.

Race Car Bed (RCB) was hauled up the stairs. RCB was setup in the corner of the room — amidst excited little boy and puppy zipping about. RCB was set upon by Zane. First up was his new falling technique in which he dives face forward onto the ground (or whatever is below him, like an RCB). This eventually results in head bonk on plastic frame and a bit of sniffing. More pillows and padding is spread out and then I set about the business of getting him calmed down and snoozing.

We read books, we crawled in and out of the RCB (mostly him), he tried to climb the crib a couple of times. I then settled him into the RCB and left. Watching on crib cam it looked like he was going to zonk out at any moment. But then he’d remember a book, read it for a while, get out of bed to grab another one, read it for a while, get out of bed to grab one and see the rocking chair and get distracted, pull the cushion off, read on the chair a while, etc…

At one point, pictured below, he even looked like he was going to nap on the rocking chair cushion. I went into the room a couple of times to lay him back into the RCB and remind him it was nap time, eventually removing the rocking chair. Finally, a little over an hour into the affair, he crawled onto the Race Car Bed and fell asleep. Phew!