Cute Crawly Thing

Zane crawling practice

Zane working on his crawling yesterday morning. I think this is after Faith pointed out that I’d put his coveralls on backwards and we made a quick wardrobe correction. You’ll note that his hair is coming in. It’s a lighter color, except for the lingering patch of dark “birth” hair on the very back, and the lighting has to be just right to see all of the new hair.

I was telling Becky in an email that it seems whenever Zane has a really long crying jag, a couple of times so far, he comes out the other end a new baby. He had a huge cry one day on vacation (and a few smaller ones since) but after that he started sleeping more. Wednesday night he slept seven hours and last night it was seven and a half hours. I know things can and will change, but it’s nice to see him have a big meal and then sleep most of the night.

Have to see if Faith weighed him yesterday. Last week at this time he was edging up to 13 lbs and in my untrained eye I’d say he’s easily passed that point. Zane’s neck is very strong, as are the back muscles. Sometimes during belly time he’ll lift both his legs and his head—a little baby boat—and you can see all of the back muscles working and flexing.

Yesterday we put him in the backpack that Chris & Becky gave us and went for a short test walk. He really seemed to like it, but his head still bobbles enough that we decided to give it a little more time. Ok, we’ll try the baby bjorn belly thing Ellen sent up! I had something set up wrong and all of the baby juggling between the two carriers was starting to annoy the baby, so back into the jogger and down the road we went.

Here’s another Zane video. This is from the vacation and loaded with all of the extra chirps, coos, and baby crawling his audience has been demanding.

Cute Crawly Thing - The Movie