Curly Toes

Hey, happy eight month birthday Mr. Z!

Everyone says “time goes by so quick” when they talk about their kids and I’d thought they’re being sentimental. And then one day our bobbly headed baby can sit and another day he’s standing and then a few minutes ago he asked for a pair of pliers and duct tape.

He’s got to work on uncurling those toes though. And teeth.

The time has been going by mighty quick but to be honest there are times when I wish we could jump to the talking, walking, and feeding himself stage. On the other hand the small, swaddled baby phase was quite the thing. And the learning and growing and changing every day stage is pretty amazing.

The mad race between learning to crawl and learning to walk continues. Zane’s always been a leg kind of guy: kicking, pushing, running…and all that before he was born. After a long, frustrating session on his belly (minutes!) he’ll reach to be pulled upright. Standing there he has a look of profound contentment. He’ll experiment with boundaries, letting one hand go and turning the torso while trying to retain balance. He’ll look down at his feet and shuffle one forward or to the side and put weight on it.

Eventually gravity wins out and he topples backwards onto his dad, only to lean forward and hold his hands out to be lifted back up.

Hey, gimme that camera!