Curly Toed Walker Dude

Sometimes when I see Zane standing or cruising and his toes are curled like this it makes me wonder if he isn’t trying to hold on to the floor, maybe to keep from floating away? He hasn’t started walking on his own yet and I’m pretty sure he’s tired of me standing him up and then trying to coerce him to walk a few feet towards me unaided. “Yeah, I’ve done this enough Dad,” he mutters while lowering himself to the floor and crawling off to something really interesting.

All that said he’s spending more and more time upright: cruising around, opening higher kitchen drawers (but not tall enough to dip into them yet…phew!), and sometimes just standing there, unaided. As for walking he doesn’t seem to see the attraction to it yet. Maybe if we set up the house differently? What little I’ve read regarding the matter says to let the baby figure it out on their own.

Meanwhile he learned to clap this weekend, which is really cute to see, and he’s started imitating other movements and sounds we make.