Cuke Boots!

Cuke Boots!

Zane’s Uncle Kirk knitted these little booties for him. Cuke boots! Or maybe Zuke Boots! The only problem is when Zane gets to dancing (Cuke Boot Shuffle!) there’s not a thing in this world that will stay on his feet, not even long cucumber booties.

But, if one were to knit in a few strands of nano cling-bots, well then the booties would only come off if you used a nano cling-bot de-clinger wand. Or something like that …

Zane weathered the day after his shots by spending a bunch of time sleeping and having small milk snacks in between. Overall milk consumption was down for the day, which I guess is understandable, and when unhappy hour rolled around he celebrated it to its fullest! Oh. Boy.

This morning rolled around and he woke up hungry, but slightly fussy. It’s pretty strange: he eats a bit, stops and complains (usually with bottle in place), eats some more, makes a face, eats, etc.. Finally put him down on his belly, with his cuke boots on, and he wiggled himself into a good mood. Ah, if only we all could wiggle ourselves into happiness!

I flipped him over and he started pulling his wrap around his head, gooing and cooing all the while, smiles all around and nibbling on his fist. He’s either started into teething or his gums are itchy since he now spends a lot of time trying to chew his fist. If I offer him a finger he’ll gobble it right up and spend a long time worrying over it, producing buckets of baby slobber all the while.

Here’s his first baby tent.

Little Baby Zane Tent Head