Cucumber Cool

A new word for the list: avocado. It’s really funny to hear him say it. Here are some of the other new Zane tricks.

  • water faucet – he climbs up a garbage can, over the closed clothes chute, and onto the edge of the bathroom sink to turn on the water faucet. Hot first (closest) and then cold, after which he splashes his hands in the water. We are still waiting for him to learn to shut them off.
  • benches – whenever we run across a bench (like park benches) he stops to crawl up onto it and sit down on the edge of the seat for a while, surveying the world.
  • alphabet – he seems to be able to say some of the alphabet. Not always in order and not all of the letters, but he joins along when I sing it and will do little segments on his own.
  • snoring – he has a funny sense of humor. He sometimes puts his head down and pretends to sleep, fake snore and all. Dead give-away is that he smiles when doing it.
  • tink – he’s getting much better with his cat. She’s still operating on the premise that he’s the squealing, laughing, grabbing, face-plant “thing” that she’s come to fear, but he’s actually being much more gentle and loving towards her. Sure, he still squeals when he sees her and can’t wipe the huge grin off his face whenever he gets near her.
  • shoes – he totally floored me yesterday. I was in my office at home and he came in with one of his tennis shoes and made the sign for shoe. I asked if he wanted to wear it instead of the ones he had on and he made the shoe sign (still isn’t up to doing yes or no yet). So I pulled off the other shoe, put on the tennis shoe, set him down and gave him the old shoe, saying “go get the other tennis shoe and we’ll put it on too.” He walked off (a couple rooms away) and returned a few minutes later with just the other tennis shoe. I put it on, gave him the old shoe and told him to put it away and HE DID!