Crouching Baby, Hidden Crawler

Crawling Pose

About a month ago Zane developed a magnetic tummy. Try as he might, crawling no longer works. Neither does rolling over…and he worked so hard on figuring that out. It’s like he is high centered, the legs and arms ineffectively pawing empty air with belly solidly stuck to terra firma.

I enlisted the help of his twelve year old cousin Glenn-Glenn, hoping some residual crawling memories might be transferable between the two. Zane just giggled and snuffled his face into the floor.

Now, standing…

Whoa doggies does the kid like to stand! His feet are constantly paddling the air looking for purchase. Once a foot finds something solid the toes grip and he straightens his legs. If you hold his hands to help lift him he’ll pull himself upright, standing squarely, happily victorious in the acquisition of elevation.

Maybe it’s a phase, like rolling over. “:^)