Cross Country Skiing

This Fall a local ski shop had a consignment sale and I picked up a complete x-country ski kit for Zane really cheap. On January 1st I made some trails in the backyard and then took him out to learn skiing. Not much to teach, he picks things up pretty quickly by himself. We went around the tracks a bunch and then he started carving his own trails. The great thing was that he really enjoyed it and asks to do it again. Yesterday we were doing errands and had brought along the ski gear just in case. It was running late so I suggested we just hike on the trails a bit so Raz can get out of the car, but Zane really wanted to ski. So on goes the gear (a lot, it was single digit temps) and away we go.

Once we got to the trail it was a little more challenging. A big storm this week left not only a lot of new snow, but also bent lots of trees and branches over, so the trail is more like a tunnel in places. There were also other people (oddly enough) to navigate around, a bridge, and zig-zaggy trails. He did well, but our fingers were getting cold so we soon turned around.

Later in the day all three of us went into the backyard to ski. Faith said it was probably her first time in 8 years! I re-did the trails and then left them to it and they skied and skied and skied.

Today, after ice skating lessons, they went up to Hanover’s golf course to go skiing. Faith sent a couple of action videos which I’ve turned into a movie.