Crazy Danger Baby!

Zane very newest and most favorite of toys is now the rocking chair in his room. Handed down to us from Faith’s friend Cathy it has been used almost every night to rock and comfort him. When we travel it’s the thing I miss the most when trying to get him to go to bed. So it probably makes sense that Zane now likes to spend part of his day sitting in the chair and reading a book or tearing up tissues or whatever it is that kids are into these days.

I was working yesterday morning and Faith sent a chat message about how babies like to be in chairs with tissues. Pop open his webcam and sure enough, tissue time. So I started recording the camera images and promptly got lost in work again until five or ten minutes later I remembered to shut off the recording. I was shocked to see the recording. The only explanation is that he’s studiously working on balance and muscle control, getting ready for a gig in a high-wire act.

Or, the kid is crazy!