Crazy Baby Tricks

Shortly after perfecting perambulation Zane invented a fun trick of slamming his face into soft couches and beds (beats slamming into just any ol’ thing I guess). The technique (patent pending!) includes sound effects, usually some giggling.

Today’s new trick is the much coveted backwards head slam. He was doing it last night and frankly I’m not quite sure how/what he’s doing, but the end result is baby gone backwards with head resting on the couch. I didn’t think much of it until he did the backward baby head slam onto his Grandmother’s old computer, which happened to be on the couch at the time.

“What the heck you doing there Baby Zane?” I asked, moving the computer away. He cast a casual, knowing glance my way and executed a complex set of baby moves, slamming his head back down.

p.s. when do you stop calling Baby Zane Baby Zane? And what name could be possibly as good as Baby Zane?