Crawlz 'n' Rollz


On Tuesday we told Zane’s doctor that he’d figured out how to roll over from his back onto his belly. She said that was unusual, most babies first flip over belly to back. “Nope, haven’t seen him do that one,” we replied.

Zane, taking it all to heart, flipped over from his back to his belly yesterday afternoon, squirmed for a bit (he’s not a distance crawler) and spent the next two minutes trying to roll from belly onto back. His first idea was to stick an arm and leg out straight on one side, but his head was arched such that it counteracted the push. He then remembered his patented Armadillo Move™, scrunched up into a ball, leaned, and rolled right over.

Hugs, kisses, and congratulations all around!

As a bonus his Grandma Phil and Aunt Laura showed up last night to give him all of the cuddling and attention he’s been sorely missing.