Zane’s costume this year was a cow outfit handed down from Tyler. Tyler had a matching helmet with cow spots on it, a head forming thing, which we obviously didn’t get. So Faith improvised and put ears on Zane’s conductor hat. Cowductor Hat? Anyways, I don’t know what went wrong with my photography skills on these shots, but they are all I managed to salvage.

I’ll have to say that Zane made some outstanding changes over the past week intellectually. He’s been forming vowels (“O” is still a favorite), trying out new words and sounds, and figuring out how to get into everything. We’re pretty much at the point where we don’t let him see us unhook baby gates for fear that he’d reverse engineer them.

Since today’s my day to watch him, I went in bright and early to get him dressed for our trip to the dump. I had the wireless ipod touch with me, set up to view his webcam. He was sitting up in the crib, back to the webcam, reading a book. I held the ipod up to let him see himself on the webcam. There’s a few seconds delay in the video, but even so he quickly grasped what was going on, turned around, looked up and pointed at the webcam! He then went back to watching himself on the ipod, a big smile on his face. That was so cool on a number of levels, it’s hard for me to fathom how he figured it out.

At night when it gets to be after eight I’ll ask him if he’s ready for a bath or bed and lately he’s been dropping whatever he’s doing, standing up and heading upstairs. We get his milk ready, change into pjs, and feed him while he plays with a gadget (a big binder clip for weeks, but he’s outgrown it) and then we’ll read a couple of books. One of his favorites is Love That Baby because I act out all of the pages. This week he’s started playing along, the cutest one is when it says rock that baby and Zane snuggles into my shoulder just like in the book.

Zane’s now a playground bully. You’ll remember a couple weeks ago a slightly older kid pushed him around and then down at the playground. Today, at the exact same spot, Zane started pushing a little girl and a little boy out of the way, hogging everything for himself. The father of the girl (one of his twins) exclaimed, “He’s very much a little boy!” All I could say was “Yeah, but…”