Cow Tipping

Cow Tipping

In this case it is not the cow being tipped over.

Most days I spend a few minutes working with Zane on sitting. Sitting on my lap, propped against a pillow, on the couch (the junction of cushions is a good spot), in one of those donut things, and practically anywhere on a bed. The bed might not be the best place to promote sitting since falling over is so much more fun on a soft bed.

The thing that strikes me about this whole exercise is that Zane could care less. I don’t mean that in a “you must have goals!” way, but in a spatial orientation preference kind of way. Vertical, horizontal, what’s the difference? Do I not still have my cow?

As he tips over from a pleasant sitting position there’s no change in expression or moment of vertigo and panic. Usually he continues to chew or play with whatever has his attention and the fact that his face is now pressed against the bed doesn’t seem to interrupt or change his perspective. In other words: he’ll make a great astronaut!

He went as a pumpkin (surprise!) to Halloween festivities last night. We drove to town and just missed something at City Hall. Next up was the huge line at the fire station, which Faith thought was for a haunted house. It turned out to be food, brochures, a chance to look at fire trucks, meet Smokey and Sparky, and see lots of kids in costumes. We bided our time in line with the cutest little skunk. Zane watched it all, somewhat bemused, giving up a few thousand dollar smiles to the girls handing out food.

Here’s Faith’s inadvertent contribution to yesterday’s Halloween mood:


Halloween Rabbit