Counting Teeth

We had our second dentist appointment yesterday. The first one was six months ago and was mostly introductory with Zane watching as I got my teeth cleaned. Yesterday he not only watched but then had his turn in the chair. Still mostly introductory and getting-him-used-to-it, but she did manage to “count” his teeth (and probe a couple) and then polish a few teeth with “cookie frosting.” Seriously, they have tooth polishing that is flavored like cookie dough, which Zane though was frosting. All in all a huge success and he even got another “hand balloon” to take home (which he remembered from the last visit).

He’s really talking a lot these days. Last night we had a long video chat with Aunt Laura and Zane went on and on explaining all kinds of things to her. Really quite impressive and he seemed to have been impressed with the day before when he went to work with his dad as he listed everything we did. He’s been a little weepy lately, almost as if a new tooth were coming in (hygienist says all teeth check out good). He’s happy, he’s funny, he’s energetic and then the next moment he’s crying a river over the strangest little thing.