Count Droolula!

Count Droolula!

I vant to suck your toys!

All three of us went out looking for a snowsuit last night. Three different stores (two *marts) and nothing to show for our effort. We could have gotten a cute dog (or cat) one piece outfit—complete with nose and ears on the hood—but a one piece snow outfit was not to be found.

Part way through the shopping experience I realized that America just doesn’t care anymore. Instead of racks of The world’s favorite animated character outfits on sale! we get “licensed commercial character outfits 30% off.” Two totally different stores and two unique, but utterly droll marketing pitches…if you can call it that.

I tried to engage Zane in choosing some clothing.

“Which do you like: this little sweater with classical zig-zag styling or this sweater with a large red (red?!) snowman?”

He’d look at one, look at the other, and then give me a huge baby smile and laugh. What’s does that mean?

In the end we bought a one piece without mitten/toes, but fluffily lined in fleece. Not really a snowsuit but could work in a pinch. I’ll take a photo of him luxuriating in it on a snow drift some day.

We instead visited Amazon when we got home and found a bunch of snow suit choices. Some are a bit over the top, like the Columbia Sportswear Little Matterhorn Suit for Toddlers & Infants that Zane is modeling, sans feet & hands. That’s a better marketing pitch even if it seem to imply that Zane might be heading out on an expedition any moment. Our local box store would surely change the description to “non-indoors cold weather child containment system.”

Expedition Baby