Concentration Kneeling in crib

Zane’s working on a new routine: Dad changes baby’s diaper, we go into family room to play for a few minutes, baby starts to “concentrate” and Dad gets to change the diaper again. These crazy babies and their disregard for efficiency…

Another mommy and baby night out and another wired baby at the end of it. He was asleep in the car seat when Faith got home, snoozed for a bit on my shoulder as I carried him in, and then the nuclear battery pack was hooked up and he zinged all over the family room. He was alert, engaging, and funny which at any other time of the day would be endearing (ok, it still was), but 9:30 at night? This is karmic payback from Laura and Chris for the few times I may or may not have wound up their kids before their bedtime.

Zane is on the verge of standing in his crib. I noticed him kneeling in it yesterday after his nap and then again last night while he was trying to run a marathon instead of falling asleep. On the side where I’d left the rail down he was kneeling to peek over the edge like kilroy. I put the rail up and he either wasn’t ready or motivated enough to stand up … yet.

 Nice Pose