Complicated Fun

See, first you crawl on TOP of the dog crate. Then you unzip the top of the crate and crawl down into it. Then, and only then, do you grab your new dump truck balloon. Perfect fun!

Zane saw the doctor yesterday about some skin stuff and his persistent cough. He doesn’t cough very often, but a few times a day he lets go with a big phlegmy cough. The skin thing turns out to be eczema, which she says has been pretty common in kids lately. I think he got it because there’s a Z in the name. Man oh man did he not like the checkup. The nurse brought in a baby scale and he just lost it, crying and sobbing, which in the end seemed to help the doctor listen to his lungs, since he was already taking deep breaths (sobs).

Being the old softy I stopped at the store afterwards and picked up a treat for him. His second balloon ever (remember the first?). It’s a truck, how cool is that!