Communications Breakdown

Zane after a morning at the Montshire water park with his mom. Secretly I think we both prefer this method of putting him down for a nap (i.e. letting the drive home in a warm car do it).

We are at the frustrating stage of development when Zane says things that for the life of us we can’t understand. He gets frustrated, we try to guess, no joy. Last week the word was “crick.” He’d point outside while eating and repeat it over and over. Now, where I come from we pronounce the word “creek” as if it were “crik” so I was feeling rather proud, if not a bit confused since there wasn’t a creek anywhere in sight. Faith finally figured out that he meant cricket. Macaroni and Cheese comes out “monkey cheese” which sounds good to me. Last night he was saying something that I thought might have been “passenger train” (see below) but wasn’t.

Oh, and should anyone ask these are his favorite trains at the moment. They come from a little jigsaw puzzle of vehicles but the rest of the vehicles don’t really exist. He carries these around with him everywhere, which is usually ok. We had a small altercation when he wanted to take them into the bath a few nights back, which ended up with dad being a jerk and Zane crying the first couple of minutes. Last night he headed to the bath with them again and we feared a repeat. Faith and I are both explaining that they would be ruined and he should set them down. Only after we stopped talking about it did he walk over and set them carefully on the counter.