Coloring the Coloring

We ran a bunch of errands yesterday and afterwards Zane settled into playing downstairs. I noticed he was spending a lot of time at his little work desk and finally got curious enough to go see what he was drawing. Well, it turns out he was deeply engrossed in coloring the coloring gear. He was drawing stuff on the big plastic markers and then later he was pushing the tips on the other markers into each other, essentially turning all of them muddy brown. There were some drawings on the paper and boy oh boy were there a lot on his hands and clothes!

He hit a big milestone this weekend as his weight finally reached 30lbs. Not only that, but the fancy body mass scale we have also registered him as having a body mass. To date I’ve been having him stand still on the scale while we held our breath as it tried to measure him, only to have the meter fall to zero each time. Last night he weighed in at 30lbs and it reported a whopping FAT mass of 1.8 lbs.! 1.8 lbs! Finding fat on him is like looking for water on the moon.

He’s really the little helper these days. Totally wanting to help us do everything, from cooking to lifting 40lb bags of wood pellets. On our recycling run yesterday there was a hot air balloon in the distance, floating over Vermont. By the time we were done it had drifted over the Connecticut river and was landing in a field next to Home Depot while we watched. Very impressive to Mr. Zane O. As we walked into Home Depot he wandered up to everyone to give them a long, detailed account of the balloon situation. Maybe he’ll be a journalist?