Cold Egg Hunt

We did tons of things yesterday, one of which was a free easter egg hunt in town. You never realize how many kids there are in the area until you see an event like this, and there were a LOT. Unfortunately we got there early. I’d brought his tricycle so he could practice on it but I really didn’t expect it to be so freezing cold out. Interest in the trike waned quickly as did that for the easter egg hunt after waiting twenty minutes for it to start. Eventually it did: hundreds of kids ran screaming and giggling onto the field to pick up plastic eggs and after a few minutes it was all over. Then we ran to the car to warm back up.

One of the highlights of the whole event was when someone’s black and white dog went running at full frisk through the easter crowd. Oh, wait, that was OUR dog. We were leaving and attempted to move the dog from one car to the next when he made a mad break for it. I think the only thing that saved us was that there were way too many people around for him to stop and focus on or annoy anybody in particular.