Close Zane

Zane close-up sleeping

We weighed Zane the other day and, if our crude technique can be believed, he’s above 9lbs now. I believe it, he’s been pulling down around 20 oz of milk each day and we all know he’s not out walking it off!

He started grunting the other day. Drink, drink, drink, drink … pause … push bottle away and grunt, grunt, grunt. At first I thought he was trying to go to the bathroom, but after watching him do this for a while in a variety of circumstances I’m not so sure. Sometimes he’s really grunty: Super Grunt! As if he’s working on trying to talk and grunting is the first step on the road to mastery.

Forget phonics, we’re at gruntics.

That’s not to say his only verbal skill is the grunt. No, he has some quite charming chirps that he’s been working on. Usually if you leave him to entertain himself in the crib he’ll squirm around, warming up with a cacophony of miniature grunts and beeps, and then let lose with a huge chirp. He’ll pause for a moment to appreciate his work and start over.

Zane’s starting to hold his head up on his own. Usually it’s when I have him on my shoulder for a burp. He’ll start working his arms and legs like Bear Grylls free-styling up a rock face and then his head pulls away from my chest, teetering in mid-air but pretty much under Zane’s control. I say pretty much because I don’t really trust him and will have an aiding hand at ready in case he overdoes it and loses to gravity. Baby heads are so big, it’s kind of scary seeing them perched on that scrawny chicken neck they’ve got.