Climb High!

We went outside and played after I got home from work yesterday. Initially it was to pick raspberries (I said there weren’t any, there were), then to swing (which we did for a bit), but we spent most of our time along the rock wall with Zane climbing and jumping off as dangerously as he could. Well, maybe that’s not how he thought of it, but he did do a lot of jumping and then crashing/rolling into the ditch and landing on a big, slippery angled rock. That’s just what he does these days. Do things first, ask (or not) later. For example, he was “helping” me put pellets in the stove and even after I said to stand back a safe distance he managed to touch the (cool) side of the hopper and then, emboldened, the (hot) side of the firebox. You could tell by his look that I didn’t need to say “I told you so!”