Clean Machine

Click the image for a long tub-time movie. Zane’s audio is pretty low so you’ll need to turn up your volume. Of course, I’ll coming booming in at louder volume later in the movie so be prepared for that. Bath time is very intricate these days, lots of moving water about, mixing it just so, filling and emptying cups. Yesterday Faith took him swimming and it sounds like he had a blast.

You should automatically, whenever I use a title or nickname for Zane here, mentally append his voice saying, “No, no, I’m Zane O!” Last night I called him skinny bean or something like that and he of course reminded me who he was.

“I’m Zane O! Ok?”

“It’s just a nickname.”

“What’s is nickname?”

“It’s just another name for someone. Like that kid in preschool the parents call ‘lovey’ That’s not his real name, just a nickname.”

He went silent for a while, obviously thinking it over. We’ll see what happens. A few minutes later a show on PBS was talking about bees and Zane turned to inform me that “bees like nectarines.” And the “ok?” thing is relatively new as well. For example we were at dinner last night and I said, “look at the super big noodle on your fork!” trying to entice him to eat it. He replied with, “No, it’s two noodles, ok?”

Despite all of the swimming and activity and not taking a nap yesterday the only time Zane seemed tired was during dinner. Afterwards we decided to cover some of the windows in plastic for winter insulation. For the whole hour that we did this Zane and Raz ran up and down the hallway, screaming and giggling. We were starting to wonder if he’d ever tire out. I caught this snapshot while Faith was reading to him in bed. It was a half hour earlier than normal bed time but he was obviously on his way down.